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Sophie's Story

First of all: welcome and thanks for visiting my website! My name is Sophie. Born on the coast, raised on the beach and settled in Amsterdam. Somewhere in between I lived in the suburbs of Texas and in -always foggy- San Francisco, where I fell in love. Not only with this country, but also with photography.

Who am I, besides being a photographer? I studied communication and specialized in branding and visual communication. I like deep conversations and a lot of laughter. Long evenings with friends, good food and a good glass of wine are favorite! I also LOVE travelling, cultures and people. That is why I like to go on an adventure with my boyfriend, to discover all the beauty of this world. Until recently, 'discovering the world' was also my job; I worked as a flight attendant at KLM. Furthermore, I listen to country music all day long (you can take the girl out of Texas...), redecorating our house is my biggest hobby and I've seen Gilmore Girls four times, and I am still going strong.

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